National Service Scheme was launched in the Mahatma Gandhi Birth Centenary year 1996, as a student youth service programe, National Service Scheme (NSS) aims at arousing social consciousness of the youth with an overall objective of personality development of the students through community service.



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Unit-I ………………………

Arts and Commerce students
Dr. J. Ratna Prabhakar,    Lecturer in Commerce and Programme Officer.

Unit-II ………………………

Science students; 
Sri. M. Anil Kumar,  Lecturer in Chemistry and Programme Officer  

Second  week of August .

Enrolment of the college students of I-year as Volunteers
Blood Donation by students

October ……………………

Winter camp.

November …………………

Day Camp in the College premises

December ……….

05-12-2014 International Volunteers Day

January ……………………

National Youth week 12-01-2015 to 19-01-2015(tentative)

February …………………

Youth Leadership Training Programme (5 days)

March ………………………

NSS Annual Day



NSS aims at the involvement mainly of under-graduate students on a voluntary basis in various activities of social service and national development, which while making a contribution to socio-economic progress, would also provide opportunities to the students to understand and appreciate the problems of the community, awaken social consciousness and inculcate in them a sense of dignity of labour. 

There has been a great deal of enthusiasm among the students i9n the various programmes taken up under the scheme.  At the same time, there has been a demand from several quarters that opportunities should be provided to the youth going out of the universities and colleges to engage themselves on a whole time basis for a specific period in activities of social and national service.  Some attempts in this direction have been made in some States during the last few years.



  1. Overall objectives
  2. specific objectives

Overall objectives

The overall objectives of the National Service Scheme is educational.  Service to the community is the activity through which this objective is sought to be obtained.

Specific objectives

1. To create communal harmony among the students and the local population.

2. To engage in creative and constructive social action.

3. To promote the concept of dignity of labour.

4. .Practical application of knowledge in solving social problems.

5. To encourage team spirit and leadership qualities.




1. All Volunteers should work under the guidance of a group leader nominated by the Programme Officer.

2. They should make themselves worthy of the confidence and co-operation of the group/community leadership.

3. Since practice comes before precept, volunteers should in spite confidence in local people and with their cooperation by themselves setting an example and thus smoothen the way for discussions and local acceptance of suggestions from the volunteers.  Personal contact with the people is necessary for the success of any NSS Programme.

4. Volunteers should scrupulously avoid entering into any discussion of a controversial nature with the local people, particularly on caste, creed, community, religion and politic.

5. They should keep day-to-day record of their activities/experience in the enclosed pages of the diary and submit to the Programme Officer for periodic guidance.

6. It is obligatory on the part of the every volunteer to wear the NSS Badge while on work.

7. The other two essential conditions are unstinted co-operation and strict maintenance of team spirit.

8. Simple, unostentatious dress code. Discipline, devoted and sincere work is expected from the volunteers.



The following are some of the NSS activities of the college units.

1. Adult Education

2. Cultural activities

3. Discussion on eradication of social evils.

4. Assisting the local people for reconstruction work

5. Assisting the health authorities in immunization

6. Environmental sanitation and disposal of garbage.

7. Plantation and preservation of trees

8. Special 10 days camp at Government City College, Hyderabad

Clcik here for NSS registrations and Activities

Activities 2017-18

Blood donation programme conducted in collaboration with MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer, Hyderabad on 30-01-2018.


Activities 2015-16


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Telanganaku Haritha Haram



Blood donation camp

Blood donation camp

Local Doctors


Constitution Day

Constitution Day


  IEPP Mid-Day meals programme  



Aids awareness Rally



Mr.Anil Kumar S/o Chendraish has participated in Mega Camp held at OU
Mr.G.Pavan Kumar s/o Venkateswarulu B.Sc III year  has participated in NIC,held at Gulbarga university from 09-02-15 to 15-02-2015
NSS Volunteer Mr. R. Ravi, S/o. R. Anjaiah, Class: B.A. III year have been selected to participate in the   West Zone NSS Pre-Republic Day Parade Camp-2015 WHICH held at R.T.M. Nagpur University, Sports Ground, Amravati Road, Nagpur, Maharastra from 08-10-2015 to 17-10-2015.

NSS Unit-I& II Special Camp

            Govt. City College NSS wing has conducted a Winter Special camp at Ootpally, Gandiguda and Ghamsimiyaguda Village, Shamshabad Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist, Telangana with Variety of Activities like Awareness campaigns(AIDS, Cancer, Breast Cancer, Swine Flu etc.) and Shramadan (Cleaning the Roads, Govt. Building surrounding area and Naalas) , Lectures(Goal Setting and Leadership, Excelling in Studies, Personal Intergrity - National Integration and Various cultural programmes like Songs, Skits on Eradication of  Child marriages, Caste System, Superstitions and Encouragement of Girl Child Education, Adult Education, Blood Donation etc.,

Examination on NSS AIM, Motto, Objectives, History current events  conducted.

The following are the Highlights of Special camp:

Day 1 (29-01-2016)
The Programme is started with and NSS PO and Volunteers along with Local authorities by explaining them the goal of NSS special camp.


Haritha haram

Haritha haram-Competitions

Activities 2014-15

1. Free eye checkup camp.


 Activities 2013-14

  1. Conducted blood donation on 20/07/2014 nearly 70 units of blood donated.
  2. Conducted Campus cleaning on 23/09/2014.
  3. NSS day celebrations on 24/09/2014 Mr.Prasad from Govt Degree college,Khairathabad has given a lecture.
  4. Campus cleaning.
  5. AIDS rally on 01/12/14 from Nizam College to Lalitha kalathoranam nearly 70 students participated.
  6. AIDS awareness program on 02/12/2014 at Great hall,Nealy 600 students have attended the program and Dr.Rama Mohan ,Asst.Director for Basic division has presented a lecture.
  7. NSS special camp conducted from 16-01-2014 to 22-01-2014  at Ethbarpally,Moinabad (mdl)  (unit-I) and Tolkatta(Unit-II).
  8. Highlights of the Camp.
  9. Students have Created awareness on AIDS,Breast cancer, Blind beliefs,and Social evils like Dowry,Caste system to the villagers.
  10. Made repairing to 4.3 km road from tolkatta to Nakkalapally village ,moinabad mdl.
  11. Presented lectures to the students on How to excel in studies and Social evils like Dowry,Caste system,Corruption.
  12. Conducted a rally on Voters day 25/01/2014.
  13. Conducted blood donation camp Dr.Swarjini from OGH, Medical officer attended with her team and collected 49 units of blood.