Department of Biotechnology
    • State of Art Bioinformatics lab was established for Biotechnology students.
    • Conducted National conference Titled“Impact of Biotechnology on the world economy and society” on 24th 25th Jan 2012


    • Ms. Ruhi fathima of M.Sc II Yr was the best paper presenter in the national conference Titled “Impact of Biotechnology on the world economy and society” on 24th 25th Jan 2012.
    • Dept has 03 laboratories with all equipment like, PCR, Gel Documentation System, Orbital shaker-incubator, Plant Growth Chamber, -20 degree  cooling refrigerator, Chilling incubator, cooling centrifuge, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, laminar Air Flow System etc.


    • Mrs K.Archana is  involved in active research in environmental Biotechnology based project titled ‘Biodegradation of heavy Metals  using organisms isolated from Effluents ” in her doctoral degree.
    • Mr G Kishore kumar  is involved in research under project  Oesophagal Cancer from Mahaveer hospitals under Dr Anne Hassan.


    • Mr M Hemanth Kumar is involved with active work in effect of Pollution on humans in lead contaminated sites.
    • Mrs. K.Geethanjali has applied For Major Research Project to UGC Tiled “Screening and evaluation of Fumarase (FH) and Succinate Dehydrogenase  (SDH) Gene mutations with Clinicopathological Characteristics of Colorectal Cancer” as Co- Investigator.
    • All the members of the faculty have Participated in Orientation Programmes conducted by the College and one faculty Has attended UGC- Orientaion

Details of Faculty Participation

Details of the activity

Organizing Department & Address

Date &Year

No. of Faculty attended


UGC-Sponsored National Conference “ Impact of Biotechnology on the world economy and society”

Dept. of Biotechnology
Govt. City College, Hyderabad

24th &25th Jan 2012

All the faculty are actively involved in organizing


UGC –Sponsored National Seminar “Role Of Alumni in developing the institutions´

Dept. of Sanskrit, Govt. City College, Hyderabad




one day workshop on Teacher effectiveness and Personality Development

Govt. Degree College
Hussanialam, Hyderabad

Aug 2011



Hands on Training in Genomics

University of Hyderabad




One-day work Shop in Aqua culture

Dept. of Zoology, Govt. City College




TWO Day work shop in PCR & Protein purification techniques

Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. City College




UGC National Seminar Dept of  Sanskrit

Govt. City College




Seven day work shop in ADVANCED Techniques in Molecular Biology

Acharya Nagarjuna University
Guntur AP




One day Work Shop on  Environmental studies

Hindu P.G College. Guntur. AP




UGC National Seminar

Govt. City College , Hyd



Seminar on Making River Musi an example dt. 15-07-2017

Activities 2016-17

1. Prof. BirBahadur is one of the eminent alumni of  city college. He is an Educationist at University level, Scientist,consultant in Biodiversity,. He Visited the Department of Biotechnology as distinguished alumni in order to motivate the students and to make them aware of various avenues in the field of biotechnology and donated books worth 30,000 which were authored by him on 25-11-2016.

Prof. Bir Bahadur explaining the importance of research oriented education

2. Professor William Bateson  an eminent scientist’s birth anniversary was celebrated and in this connection the Department of Biotechnology has organized Quiz Competition as a part of co-curricular activity. All the students of B.Sc (BT.Z.C&B.B.C) and M.Sc Biotechnology have participated actively on 08-08-2016.

3. The students of B.Sc & Msc accompanied by their Lecturers Miss.P.Pushpalatha, Dr. Y. Venkateswarlu, M. Hemanthkumar, Farheen Ayesha Birjees, Salehaafreen actively participated in the study tour to Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad. The students observed drosophila cultures and variations among drosophila. They also were given the demonstration of the role ofcryopreservationin the preservations of living cells.  The students have also witnessed the use of Mass Spectroscopy.  This visit has helped in promoting the scientific temper amongst the students.

4. A Talk on an Approach to safeguard the water dt. 16-11-2016.

The members of Eco club have organized a talk on “An approach to safe guard water” on 16/11/2016. One of the famous environmentalists, Dr. Lubnasarawath was the guest of the day. She has emphasized the importance of safeguarding water bodies in and around Hyderabad. As an outcome of this programme, the staff and students have resolved to take up a time bound project on “Clean Moosi Nadi” which also involves establishing the Dry composting toilets.


National Integration Week is observed every year all across the India from 19th of November to the 25th of November.As part of these celebrations, the Eco club has celebrated National Conservation Day on 25 November 2016. The students have prepared models and posters explaining different conservation strategies. The models included the methods to prevent soil erosion, conservation of biodiversity, impact of air pollution etc.  At the end of the programme all the staff members and students together have taken an oath to conserve the biodiversity and protect the environment.

6. Awareness campaign about Eco Diwali

Diwali is the very widely celebrated festival in India.  In order to make the students and general public aware of the impact of burning firecrackers on the environment, the Eco club along with some students has organized an awareness campaign on 28/10/2016.
Students have prepared posters explaining harmful effects of burning crackers and effect on health hazards.  This campaign was highly successful as many students have readily come forward to celebrate an ecofriendly Diwali by saying no to the harmful crackers. 

An Extension lecture organized by Eco club in collaboration with SOUL (NGO)
The members of Eco club in collaboration with SOUL have organized a talk on WATER AND AIR POLLUTION: IMPACT ON LIFE AND PLANET: WAY FORWARDon 20/12/2016.  This programme was presided over by Dr. Baburao, Retd. Chief Scientist from IICT, Hyderabad and SagarDhara, Ex –UNEP consultant and Environmental Engineer.
It was a scientific and Environmental talk. The lecturers given by these two eminent personalities have given an insight into the present state of environment and also its impact on the future generations.All the students interacted with the resource persons and posed several questions regarding various environmental issues.


The Energy Conservation Act in India was executed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in the year 2001. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is a constitutional body which comes under Government of India and helps in the development of policies and strategies in order to reduce the energy consumption.  In this connection the eco club has organized National energy conservation day on 14/12/2016.  At the end of the lecture, the students have presented posters depicting various methods of Energy Conservation.

Group Discussion on Musi river 30-05-2017

Activities 2015-16


Nature of activity

Title of the activity

Details of Resource Persons



A Student Health camp

Doctors from reputed hospitals



To know about gene transfer methods





Quiz competions: Sir Martin John Evans (1 January 1941, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England) was the first to culture mice embryonic stem cells and cultivate them in a laboratory in 1981. He is also known, for his work in the development of the knockout mouse and the related technology of gene targeting.In 2007, he shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in recognition of his discovery and contribution to the efforts to develop new treatments for illnesses in humans. The Department of Biotechnology has organized Quiz Competition as a part of co-curricular activity, celebrated Professor Sir Martin Evan’s Birthday. All the students of B.Sc (BT.Z.C&B.B.C) and M.Sc Biotechnology has participated actively. The whole programme was successful and the enthusiasm of Students was acknowledged by the Principal Madam & presented Prizes to Winners & Runners.

ECO CLUB – Clay Ganesha Idol making by students


Health camp: Most of the students studying in the college are from poor back ground and are unaware of their health condition. The department of Zoology & Biotechnology has taken an initiative to organize a Health Camp. Some of the selected students were trained to have knowledge about BMI, Blood grouping, Hb %, B.P & Blood Glucose levels.
As outcome of this programme we find out that most of the students are malnourished, under weight, anaemic, and are having low glucose levels. Such students were counselled and suggested to have proper diet.


Activities 2014-15

1. Guest Lecture on Cloning And Transformation Methods In Biotechnology by Dr. Ravi Charan, Asst. Professor, Prof. Jayashanker Telangana State Agricultural University, Hyderabad  on 14-08-2014.

Biotech guest lecture

2. Awareness Rally on Prevention and Control of Ebola Virus Disease by Bt.ZC and BBC students on 01-09-2014.

3. Poster presentations by students during Natural Environment awareness day on 19-11-2014.


4. Quiz competition held On the occasion of Professor Elizabeth Helen Blackburn’s birthday (The 2009 Nobel Prize Awardee in Physiology or Medicine) on 26-11-2014).

2014-15 Quiz

2014-15 Quiz2
With winners and runners of the Quiz

5. Study Tour to University of Hyderabad on 06-01-2015.

6. Visited Biodiversity park on 06-01-2015.

7. Round Table Conference on Impact of Pollution & Encroachments on the life & lively hood of the people downstream of the Moosi River held on 13.02.2015.

Round Table Conference on Impact of Pollution & Encroachments on the life & lively hood of the people downstream of the Moosi River held on 13.02.2015

Round table conference on Moosi river

Activities 2013-14

18th Oct to 22nd Oct, 2013.

2013 five day workshopfive day


2. Extension Activity- Voluntary Blood donation Programme

Batch of Students from B.SC & M.Sc Biotechnology have actively participated in Blood donation camp organized in the college in Great Hall on 19.07.2013 in collaboration with Central Blood Bank, Hyderabad.


3. Guest lecture by Mr. Ramakrishna, IICT, Hyderabad on 'Prospects & Challenges  in Biotechnology' conducted on 25-07-2013.

Guest lec

2013-14 Guest lecture2

Summary of Guest lecture:

The speaker has mentioned various research institutes (around 50 institutes) which contribute the funding for the research in Biotechnology that come under the CSIR umbrella. He high lightened the opportunity for girl students as woman scientist. He explained from ‘definitions of biotechnology’ to ‘the latest information like personalized medicine’. Different tools and techniques used in biotechnology were mentioned. Applications in many biotechnology fields like Blue Biotechnology (aquatic), Green Biotechnology (agricultural), Red Biotechnology (medicine) and White Biotechnology (industry) are well explained. Many biotech products like Insulin, tPA, IFN, IL, anti-thrombotic agents, anti-HCV- MAbs etc., are given to high light the importance in biopharmaceutical field. The speaker has high lightened the various opportunities for graduate and post graduate students like research labs from technicians to scientists.


4. GUEST LECTURE  on 30th AUGUST  2013 on “Plant Cell Culture – Basics & Its Applications” by  Dr. Ravi Charan, Asst. Prof Institute of Biotechnology,
Acarya N.G Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad.

2013-14 Guest lecture by Ravi
The speaker has mentioned the importance of Biotechnology in generating new biological products like vaccines, fertilizers etc., from naturally existing things and need of Biotechnology in present scenario. He highlighted the importance of Organic fertilizers for sustainability of natural environment and has given the example of AMWAY company which is now majorly concentrating on organic fertilizers. He explained starting from definitions of Plant tissue culture, Callus, Micropropagation to the latest information like BT COTTON, GOLDEN RICE etc., He explained  Different tools and techniques used in inserting vectors into the host – Particle gun method, Agro bacterium tumifacience (Natural gene transfering) and mentioned about CROWN GALL DISEASE. He explained about EXPLANTS treatment protocols and mentioned that meristems are having high cell division capacity. Concentrations of AUXINS and CYTIKINENS for root and shoot formation are well explained. Competition in biotech field and need of jobs  in biopharmaceutical field are given to high light the importance of practical knowledge while studying the M.Sc Biotechnology course. The speaker has high lightened the various opportunities for graduate and post graduate students like research labs and has given a note on how to get into Agricultural biotechnology course.


5. Sadhisha – Right Direction: Is an Exhibition
Organized by S.N. Vanitha Mahavidyalaya during 22nd and 23rd Nov. 2013.
B.Sc Biotechnology students have participated exhibition with great enthusiasm.

2013-14 sadhisha
Praveen and Upender with their poster on Cervical Cancer.

Habiba unnisa with her poster on Uterine Stem Cells.

6.Extension Activity- Fund rising  Programme

2013-14 Exten activity

Batch of Students from B.SC Biotechnology have raised an amount of Rs. 16,500.00 For supporting the treatment of their friend Mr. Lokesh, B.Sc M.BC  II Yr. who was injured seriously in an accident. Students have showed their kindness and social responsibility to help the needy. They spend their valuable time in fund rising programme.



Activities 2012-13

1. Biotechnology  open day conducted on 05-08-2012

2. Quiz Competition   on  Concepts & Concern on Biodiversity on  22-09-2012

3. Field Visit  to  CCMB  on  CCMB Open Day - 28.09.2012

4. Guest lecture on “ Entrepreneurship in  Biotechnology” on 10-10-2012   by Dr. Sushanth Gade, CEO Ashritha Biofoundation, Hyderabad.

5. Field Visit to FOOD Diversity, “Arogya” Stalls at Nampally  Hyderabad on 12.10.2012

6. Extension lecture on “English and communication skills” by Dr.Daniel Sylvanus on 20-11-2012.

7. Group Discussion  on  “Concepts and Concern on AIDS” - 01.12.2012.

8. One day work shop on “Intellectual Property Rights” on 02-01-2013 In technical collaboration with Scitech patent art services,  Hyderabad.

9. Biomics-2013  on “Applications of Biotechnology” by  Prof. Dasavantha Reddy, CPMB, O.U, Hyderabad on  30-02-2013.

10. Field Trip to ICRISAT on 25-02-2013

11. Guest lecture on “Standards and Quality Control” on  04-03-2013 by Dr. T.K Baggi, O.U