Vision & Mission


1. To provide higher education to students from all sections of society.
2. To provide opportunity to faculty members to update their knowledge, teaching and research skills.
3. To empower the students with appropriate skills to face the challenges of a competitive job market.
4. To serve the educational needs of the disadvantaged sections.
5. To promote the spirit of research among the advanced learners.
6. To encourage all round personality development of the students.
7. To inculcate moral values and commitment to society among the students.
8.To provide infrastructure and learning resources to all the constituents of the college.


Work Work Work
If you are poor, work
If you are rich, work
If you are burdened with seemingly unfair responsibilities, work.
Idleness gives room to doubts and fears.
If sorrow overwhelms you and loved ones seem not true, work.
If disappointments come, work.
If faith falters and reason fails, work.
When dreams are shattered and hope seems dead, work.
Work as if your life were in peril, it really is.
No matter what ails you, work.
Work faithfully and work with faith.
Work is the greatest material remedy available.
Work will cure mental and physical afflictions.
- Sydney Harris