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  • The final year students can borrow two books at a time for a period of 15 days and the rest of the students only one book.

  • A late fee of 50 paise, per day per book, is charged if the book is not returned within the stipulated period.

  • When books are lost by any member, one and a half times cost of the book has to be paid.

  • Students will not be allowed to keep the books with them during the vacation. The books should be returned before the last day of instruction or at least before the issue of the hall-ticket.  No student is permitted to retain them after that date.

  • Marking and scribbling on books is strictly forbidden.  If the book is damaged it should be replaced at once together with fine.

  • Reference books and Journals are not issued to the students. Reading Room: Newspapers, Journals and Magazines are available in the reading room.



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The Library is an outstanding feature of City College.  Accommodated in a very spacious Central Hall, it has the choicest collection of 69,108 books, 45 journals/ periodicals and 15 newspapers.  It has a good Reference Library section suitable for postgraduate studies. The collection of Reference Section has already been computerized through software for University Libraries (SOUL) of INFLIBNET. 95% of the library books are computerized for regular issue.


Sri. P. Venkateshwara Rao, Incharge


Name of the Journals

1. Marketing Management (ICFAI)
2. Advertising Express (ICFAI)
3. The Medieval History Journal.
4. Indian Journal of Political Science
5. Indian Journal of Public Administration
6. Research Journal of Chemistry & Environment
7. Bulletin of Pure & Applied Science
8. Science: B - Botany
9. Science: C - Chemistry
10. Science: D - Physics
11. Science: E - Maths & Statistics
12. Bio Science Research Bulletin
13. Library Progress (International)
14. Indian Journal of Mathematics
15. Bulletin of Calcutta Mathematical Society
16. Proceedings: Mathematical Science
17. Journal of Bio Science
18. Journal of chemical Science
19. Journal of Genetics
20. Resource: Journal of Science Education

Name of the Periodicals

1. Business World
2. Insurance Chronicle
3. Risk & Insurance
4. Public Administration
5. Environmental Economics
6. Science and Technology
7. Knowledge Management
8. Deccan Studies
9. Seminar (Public Administration)
10. Economics & Business
12. Indian Historical Studies
13. Business Vision
14. Jayanthi
15. CHIP (Commuter Science)
17. Current Science (Fort Night)
18. Computer Vignanam
19. University News
20. India Today
21. Economic & Political Weekly
22. Telugu Vidyarthi
23. Vedanta Kesari
24. Sri Ramakrishna Prabha

Activities 2015-16

National book week celebrations.