Controller of Examinations

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Examinations Branch

Dr. J. Chinna Babu, Controller of Examinations

Sri. H. Rajesh Kumar, Addnl. Controller of Examinations

Sri. P. Venkateshwar Rao, Addnl. Controller of Examinations


Semester Examinations

The college follows Semester system of “Instruction and Examination’. The details are:

There will be two semesters in each academic year.

There will be final examination at the end of each semester.

If a student has failed or likes to improve on his / her marks obtained in a semester, he / she is allowed to appear or improve during the next semester.

Students can improve their marks of the semester examination, provided they clear all the papers of that semester.

The students are given only one chance to improve on the marks obtained in a semester by appearing in the next immediate semester examination.

There will be no detention at the end of first, third and fifth semester.

There will be detention at the end of second and fourth semester.

There will be detention at the end of the second and fourth semester. If a student fails in more than 50% of the total papers of first and second semester, he will be detained at the end of second semester. If a student fails in more than 25% of first, second, third and fourth semester put together he will be detained at the end of fourth semester.

Second Languages Offered

The college offers Telugu / Hindi / Sanskrit / Urdu / Arabic subjects as Second Language.


A Minimum of 75% of attendance is compulsory for the students to appear for the semester examinations and for obtaining scholarships.

The attendance shall be calculated from the date of commencement of the classes as per the almanac of Govt. City College (Autonomous).

Internal Assessment

Students are required to write two Internal Assessment examinations in each paper in each subject as a part of continuous Internal Evaluation. The maximum marks in each paper is 10. The student has to write compulsorily two Internal Assessments in each paper and the best mark out of the two will be taken into account for the end examination result.

End Examination (Each semester / Evaluation)

The maximum marks in the theory paper in each subject in each paper is 50 (end exam, each semester) and the Internal Assessment is 10. The student has to get a minimum of 22 out of 60, (50+10) to pass in each paper of the examination and the minimum pass mark in the end exam, each paper in the theory subject is 18.

Project Work (Sixth Semester)

The students of sixth semester should submit a Project Work in a subject of their choice and the details of which will be intimated by the subject faculty. The Project Work is compulsory for every student and a minimum pass in the Project Work is to be obtained before the declaration of the final result and award of degree. Grades will be awarded for the Project Work and these grades will be notified in the Memorandum of Marks of the sixth semester examinations and consolidated memorandum of marks. The details of the Project Work will be intimated to the students by the college at the beginning of the fifth semester.


First Convocation held on 04-01-2017