Department of History

The Dept of History got started in 1967, with a view to spread across the glorious splendor associated with the famous Nizam rule and British influence; a stunning spectacle of blend of Prussian and Indian Art and Culture. Though the conventional studies in Indian and World Histories were introduced initially, the department started two job-oriented subjects, Office management and Travel and Tourism Management.  History is considered by many as the queen of the social science studies. The curriculum covers the Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History along with European History from1789 – 1964 and also offers Andhra History from 1600AD to 1956 (the formation of States on the basis linguistic).

             The faculty of the department of History in succession has contributed their might initiating and continuing noble tradition of teaching the studies of history. The galaxy of able and efficient members of staff has brought commendable academic excellence to the Department since its inception.

During 2005- 2007 – Mrs . B.Bhagyalaksmi. Sri.Hanumanth Reddy and Dr.BA Swamy have contributed to a great extent for the holistic development of the department adding greater effectiveness to the subject and brought the department to the prestigious heights. Presently, three members of staff are working in the Department, two regular and two on contract basis.