Introduction of the Scheme:
Government of Andhra Pradesh had entered in to a MOU with ISRO for establishing multi channel Satellite network and using the KU-Band for promoting the use of Information Technology for the overall development of the state. It has been designated as MANA TV.
The Information Technology & Communications Department of the State Government has constituted SAPNET (Society for Andhra Pradesh Network) to undertake educational programmes production and Telecasting of Video lessons on behalf of all the wings of Education.
In the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education a separate wing called Mana TV Cell is established to administer the programmes of the Mana TV, content generation, correspondence and finance management of the budget allotted etc.
Importance of Mana TV:

  • Covers 90% of colleges & can communicate(1 way video and 2 way audio)
  • Provides uniform teaching, one individual teacher’s expertise can be viewed and shared by all colleges
  • Gives scope to improve the skills of teachers by observing other expert teachers
  • Provides opportunity to teach with visuals and animations
  • A platform to explore the potentials of the teachers and students too


  • To help students in rural, backward and remote areas where there is shortage of faculty and infrastructure facilities.
  • To supplement classroom teaching for better grasping of the subject
  • To provide uniform teaching to all the students
  • To provide access for students to interact with subject experts.
  • To impart counseling to the students for vertical & horizontal mobility.
  • To train the students in Job oriented programmes through Certificate courses.
  • To conduct Special live programmes and teleconferences with experts.

 Telecast of Mana TV lessons are through Channel I (Recorded lessons) and Channel II (Live and Interactive presentation) .Channel I of Collegiate Education has come into operation from 3.7.2001 and channel II from 3.10.2002. Now 165 Government Degree colleges and a few private aided colleges have the receiver sets.
Channel I telecasts “Video Recorded Lessons” of under graduate subjects on topics where students need special emphasis for grasping the subject matter through visually oriented presentations.
The scope of channel II is wide as it brings experts into the studio to deliver “Live presentations”. Students can interact with the subject expert or presenter through direct phone in interaction. These live telecasts are scheduled from 11.00 am to 11.45 am. It is used in many ways like

  • To telecast live lessons on important topics of under graduate subjects including restructured subjects like Bio Technology, Micro Biology and Computer Science etc.
  • To conduct Teleconferences
  • To conduct certificate course on “soft skills and Communication skills”.


  • One In-charge is appointed as Mana TV Coordinator who takes care of Mana TV and the programmes telecasted by them from time to time.
  • A separate Mana TV is set with a seating capacity of 100.
  • Mana TV programme sheet is displayed on the notice board and the concerned subject teacher will be informed about the programmes who will take care of the students while watching the Mana TV programme.
  • After the programme a feedback is received from the students about the programme.
  • The consolidated report on the programme will be sent to the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education by the programme coordinator.
  • The students of this college watch MANA TV every day and receive quality lessons as a supplement to the regular studies.
  • More than 78 programmes were viewed by the students in various subjects.

ManaTV live presentations by the our College teaching staff

Object Oriented Concepts with C++ by A. Inna Reddy


Horticulture techniques  by Dr. N. C.Sowjanya


Nuclear structure by Dr. J. Chinababu


Restriction endonucleases by Dr. Y. Venkateswarlu


DNA damage and Repair by Ms. P. Pushpalatha

Other teaching staff of our college, who presented live presentations in MANA TV are

1. Smt. G. Sukanya
2. Sri. M. Anil Kumar

Short videos of student presentations

1. A. Srivani

2. Mohan

3. M. Venkatesh

4. Mahesh

5. Balaraju

6. Srivani

7. Madhavi

8. Noor Ul Huda

9. Vaseemuddin

10. Sonali

11. S. Akhilesh

12. Sampath Kumar

13. Juveria

14. K. Devender

15. K. Anusha

16. A. Punyavathi

Cultural activites

17. Madhu

18. N. Venkatesh

19. Phanindra

20. Pawan kumar Naik

21. Ramakrishna

22. N. Venkatesh

23. K. Mohan

24. Ramesh

25. K. Mohan

26. B. Pulakaram

27. Ramakrishna

28. B. Tejaswini

27. B. Tejaswini

28. B. Tejaswini

29. B. Tejaswini

30. Mohan

31. Balu

32. Lakshyam short film