Department of Political Science
  • G. Sri Hari working as senior lecturer in the department of political science completed 24 years of service in Government Degree College, pursuing Ph.D on the topic “Irrigation Policy of Andhra Pradesh State with focus on Telangana”.
  • Successfully completed placement of ficers training course conducted by National Institute for the visually handicapped – Dhearadun – Dated: 28th January, 1987 to 24th February 1987
  • Successfully completed the Orientation Course from Academic staff college Andhra University in 1999
  • Successfully completed refresher course for Academic staff college Osmania University, Hyd in 2000
  • Successfully completed refresher course from the Academic Staff College. Osmania University in 2001
  • Successfully completed refresher course from the Academic Staff College. Osmania University in 2002 on the topic “Refresher Methodology Quantitative Techniques with computer Applications in Social Sciences
  • Participated in One day workshop on “Challenges before social sciences in changing scenario’ held at Govt. City College in 2006
  • Attended National Seminar across India. 2nd Annual National conference conducted by organization jointly with blind peoples Association, Ahmedabad on 21st and 22nd September, 2008
  • Presented paper in National Seminar “Politics of Government of Andhra Pradesh towards Telangana Region with focus on Education and Irrigation” on 17th and 18th March, 2011
  • Attended and presented paper on “Teacher & Student Relation at Government City College, Hyderabad’ on 29th and 30th July, 2011.  

Activities 2016-17

On the occasion of National Voters Day on 25 January 2017 ,the Department of Political Science  organised an awareness programme in collaboration with   the state Election Commission and GHMC..The awareness programme Showcased the importance of National voters day. In this connection students participated in competitions at state level and bagged prizes.

Role of academician  and student ‘s feed back  in curriculum change

Activities 2015-16

Seminar on Indian Constitution Day on 26-11-2015


Activities 2014-15

1. Conducted a one extension lecture on “Impact of environment on Indian politics" by Prof. K.Purushotham Reddy (Retd), O.U, Hyderabad on 18-11-2014.

2. Conducted one day seminar on "Changing Perspectives of RTI act" by Dr. V Venkateshwarlu, Commissioner, RTI, T.S. on 02-12-2014.

3. Conducted a quiz programme on Importance of human Rights on 10-12-2014.


Activities 2013-14

1. Conducted one day state level UGC sponsered seminar on "Retrospective perspective of Social Sciences: Their impact on present and future dimensions" on 13-02-2014.