Research Policy


The institution has a research committee with the following members, to facilitate and monitor research.


Name of the faculty


Dr. M. Vani


Dr. S.E. Naina Vinodini


Dr. N.C. Sowjanya


Dr. J. Ratna Prabhakar


Dr. Y. Venkateswarlu


Dr. D. Padmaja.

  • The Research Committee meets regularly and organizes meetings with the faculty and discusses with them the need to pursue Research and guides them to apply to various agencies for grants (especially UGC).
  • The committee motivates the teachers to attend national and international seminars, conferences and workshops.
  • The Research bulletin, titled “Sodhana” is brought out every year.  In consists of various articles published by the faculty.
  • The research committee also encourages newly recruited teaching staff to publish the articles presented by them in various training programmes and seminars in the research bulletin.
  • The proposals by the faculty to UGC for research activity is quickly processed and forwarded for consideration to UGC with recommendation letters by the Principal.
  • The College has excellent infrastructure to pursue research and has books and journals for higher levels of references.
  • Nearly 50% of the faculty members are publishing articles in various reputed journals.
  • Teaching faculty is actively engaged in writing books and few have contributed few chapters to some books etc.
  • Teaching faculty is encouraged to attend National conferences in various subjects at the College and University levels and present papers.
  • Workshops are organized on a regular basis to provide hands-on experience on the equipment both to the faculty and the students.
  • The teachers are encouraged to apply for FIP (Faculty Improvement Programme) under UGC and pursue research.
  • Advancing funds for sanctioned projects: The amount sanctioned by UGC for the research projects is released to the faculty without any delay.
  • Autonomy to the principal investigator/coordinator for utilizing overhead charges:  Absolute autonomy is afforded to the principal investigator/coordinator to utilize the overhead charges in order to enable him/her to meet the contingency expenditure.
  • Timely release of grants:  The release of grants depends upon the UGC.  However, the college submits all the necessary documents and other annexures on time to facilitate the timely release of grants.
  • Timely auditing:  Due caution is exercised in spending the amount and enough care is taken to adhere to the procedure. Necessary documentation is done to facilitate auditing.
  • Submission of utilization certificate to the funding authorities:  After the auditing, the utilization certificate is submitted to the funding authorities (UGC) without any delay in the prescribed proforma.  Till date all the annexures submitted to the UGC are ratified.