Cultural activities:


To bring out the inherent talents of the students of different groups the college organizes different cultural activities such as dance, singing, music, dramas, rangoli, kolatam, mehandi etc. The talent of any student in any cultural activity will be recognized in the programme of freshers-day celebrations. From that time, the cultural wing of the college will try to develop the talent of the particular student by giving him an opportunity to participate in various programmes that are to be conducted at various levels.

Cultural activites Videos

1. Madhu

2. N. Venkatesh

3. Phanindra

4. Pawan kumar Naik

5. Ramakrishna

6. N. Venkatesh

7. K. Mohan

8. Ramesh

9. K. Mohan

10. B. Pulakaram

11. Ramakrishna

12. B. Tejaswini

13. B. Tejaswini

14. B. Tejaswini

15. B. Tejaswini

16. Mohan

17. Balu

18. Lakshyam short film

19. Republic Day 2018 Flash Mob


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Yuvatharangam - 2016

(State Level Cultural Competitions) was hosted by Govt. City College on 20-01-2017. Dr. C. Manjulatha,  Princial inaugurated the programme,  cultural competitions were under the guidance of Ms. G. Sukanya, Dept. of Telugu.


Yuvatharangam 2015


Celebration of important days

Prof. Jayashankar Birthday

Kaloji Jayanthi Celebrations

On the 14 of February 2017, Women Empowerment & Fine Arts Cell in Collaboration with Shaeen Women Resources and welfare Association organised a Qawwali programme. The members of the association through music and songs entertained the students and also spread the word of equality among sexes and that the girl child is not an object to simply cater to the needs of man but a living being that is to be treated equal to man.
Cooking classes were conducted to girl’s students so that the girls can be equipped to set up small scale business and be economically independent and also be help their families.

Dept. of fine arts in collaboration with women empowerment have conducted an Exhibition cum sale under the guidance of DRC Govt. City College. The students Exhibited files and paper bags which they learnt during their training and also sold them.

At the end of the academic year after acquiring skills the women empowerment cell in collaboration with fine arts under the guidance of DRC organised a district wise exhibition cum sale. The girls exhibited their skills in the exhibition. The girls not only acquired skills but also gained confidence of being future entrepreneurs’

Fine Arts has given three months training to students to prepare paper bags and files in order to bring in Eco friendly products into the market.

Preparing chutneys

The Commissionerate of Collegiate education also encourages the students to participate in cultural fates that are to be conducted at college level, district level, zonal level and state level.
The Government City College has a cultural wing- called SPANDANA, which takes care of various cultural activities that are to be conducted throughout the year as per the almanac.